$35 Under 35 Club

Music Circus

Broadway-In-The-Round is Music Circus. The best talent in the industry, converging in Sacramento to create spectacular shows just for you. It’s an exhilarating theater experience you can’t get anywhere else.

What is the $35 UNDER 35 CLUB?

The $35 Under 35 Club is Music Circus’ low-price ticket program for theatergoers 18 – 35 years of age.  It’s free to join and gets you $35 tickets to Music Circus shows, invites to fun parties, and gift cards to great restaurants for pre or post-show food and cocktails.

Here’s how it works:

  • To Join:  You must be 18 – 35 years of age.  All you have to do is sign up below and create a brief profile.
  • No Obligation:  By joining the $35 Under 35 Club, there is no obligation to purchase tickets.  But you must join in order to have access to the $35 tickets when they become available.
  • Low Price Tickets:  With your $35 Under 35 membership, you can purchase up to two tickets for each Music Circus production’s Saturday evening performance (while supplies last).
  • To Get Tickets:  Once you sign up for the $35 Under 35 Club you’ll receive an email prior to each show in the Music Circus season telling you when and how you can purchase $35 tickets—usually about 2 – 3 weeks prior to each show.  You will then be able to purchase tickets by phone or at the Wells Fargo Pavilion Box Office (with no additional ticket fees) or online through Tickets.com.
  • Purchase In Advance:  There are a limited number of specially-priced tickets available for $35 Under 35 Club members, so purchase tickets as soon as you receive the notification email for each show you’re interested in seeing.
  • Free $20 Gift Card/Cocktail Party:  Your ticket comes with a $20 gift card to a local restaurant nearby or an invite to a cocktail party, depending on which show you attend.  Details are below.
  • No Additional Ticket Fees:  $35 Under 35 tickets are not subject to additional fees if purchased by phone or at the Wells Fargo Pavilion Box Office.  Tickets purchased online are subject to standard Tickets.com fees.

Make It A Night with the $35 UNDER 35 Club:

Use your $20 gift card to enjoy food and drinks before or after the show. Last summer we worked with de Vere’s Irish Pub, Lucca Restaurant and Bar and Cafeteria 15l. Stay tuned for more information about next summer. More details to come.


After you’ve joined the $35 Under 35 Club, you will receive email updates approximately 2-3 weeks prior to each show telling you when and how you can purchase tickets.  You will be able to call or visit the Box office or buy tickets online.

After purchasing, your tickets will be held at the Wells Fargo Pavilion Box Office, 1419 H Street in downtown Sacramento.  Your tickets will be available for pickup after noon on the Friday before the performance.  When you pick up tickets you will need a valid ID showing your birth date so the Box Office can confirm your eligibility for $35 Under 35 Club tickets.


$35 Under 35 tickets for Music Circus productions are $35 (including $5 facility fee) for eligible Club members who are 18 – 35 years of age. Tickets subject to availability, as inventory of specially-priced tickets is limited. Limit to two $35 Under 35 tickets per person per show. Phone and box office orders are not subject to additional fees. Online orders are subject to standard Tickets.com fees. All sales are final, and there are no refunds or exchanges. Gift cards may expire, so check in advance with restaurant. The $35 Under 35 offer cannot be combined with any other discounts and is not applicable to previously purchased tickets. Terms, conditions and pricing for $35 Under 35 offers may be changed at any time. Children under 4 (including babes in arms) will not be admitted to theatre. Tickets are revocable licenses, and we reserve the right to invalidate tickets and suspend future sales for anyone caught or suspected of reselling our tickets for more than face value.