Date(s) - Dec 30, 2009 - Jan 10, 2010
Various Times
Location - Community Center Theater

“‘Xanadu’ is so ridiculously brilliant, so lavish and sublime a confection that any set of adjectives you might come up with after a single viewing will more than likely be replaced by another set of ineffectual adjectives once you’ve seen the show a second or third time.” — The New Yorker

Put a bunch of smash hit songs, Tony Award nominee Douglas Carter Beane and the cutest couple in town into a Broadway musical comedy blender, and what do you get? “Heaven on Wheels” says The New York Times. Taking audiences back to 1980 California, this hilarious new musical follows the beautiful Kira, who travels to earth to inspire a struggling artist named Sonny, as she helps this aspiring painter to find his voice, discover true love and build the world’s first roller disco (not necessarily in that order).


Director – Christopher Ashley
Choreographer – Dan Knechtges
Music Supervision and Arrangements – Eric Stern
General Manager – Richard Martini/Sharon Tinari Pratt
Scenic Designer – David Gallo
Lighting Designer – Howell Binkley
Costume Designer – David Zinn
Sound Designer – Dan Moses Schreier
Projection Designer – Zachary Borovay
Wig and Hair Designer – Charles G. LaPointe
Marketing/Press Representative – Anita Dloniak & Associates
Technical Supervisor – Christopher Smith
Musical Director – Jesse Vargas
Music Coordinator – John Miller
Casting – Cindy Tolan
Production Stage Manager – Allen McMullen
Tour Booking – Awa Touring
Flying – Foy
Associate Producers – Lorenzo Thione & Jay Kuo
Associate Director – Dana Harrel
Associate Choreographer – DJ Gray
Stage Manager – Nathan Frye
Assistant Stage Manager – Julie Daniels

Kevin Duda (Thalia/Eros/Cyclops)
Amy Goldberger (Partial Swing/Featured Skater)
Annie Golden (Calliope/Aphrodite)
Veronica Kuehn (Euterpe/Thetis)
Larry Marshall (Danny Maguire/Zeus)
Jesse Nager (Terpsicore/Young Danny/Hermes/Centaur)
Vincent Rodriguez III (Swing)
Chaunteé Schuler (Erato/Hera)
Elizabeth Stanley (Clio/Kira)
David Tankersley (Swing/Specialty Skater)
Tiffany Topol (Swing)
Max von Essen (Sonny)
Natasha Yvette Williams (Melpomene/Medusa)